Monday, June 03, 2013

Handsome Dylan

Easter egg hunt at St. Nicholas' church in Ulceby

King of the castle!

Big tough guy with a fat lip. Awww...

Class picture day at ~Castledyke School.

My Angel...

Getting some love from mom and dad!

Learning how to apply blush--or not...

On class picture day at Castledyke School.

Daisy chain at the Humber Bridge Country Park.

What we've been up to lately (in pictures)

So we started out with this in our dining room--a lovely piece of furniture, but a bit dark and dated for my taste.

I painted the dining room walls white, then chose a very bright color to brighten things up. A bit of sanding and a whole lot of painting later, and I had this!

Edith helped me pick out some wallpaper to back the cabinet, and my very clever husband did the papering (with some "help" from the kids)

And this is how my dining room looks now. Nearly finished--just need to paint the light fixture bright blue and find some artwork to go on the wall.

Do you love it as much as I do?