Thursday, April 16, 2015


So yeah, Phil, the guy who took over Stables and fired Martin, has given up on running a business. He's let the restaurant revert back to the original owners. They, in turn, have sold it to someone else. Probably for less money, since Phil essentially ran it into the ground and drove off all the regular customers when he sacked Martin. THAT happened!

The new owners know Martin. And they've asked him if he wants his old job back.

Tempting? Maybe for him!

Gratifying? Oh, ab-so-freaking-lutely!

Martin's mood has really lifted since that conversation happened. And, combined with Winteringham Fields wanting to hire him full time, he is feeling downright buoyant. But my husband knows me well, and has told them that he is finishing his training and getting work as a joiner, or his wife will kill him.

Martin has got some work experience arranged with one of the local builders (church connections are awesome). He's not asked for a job--just the chance for some hands on, unpaid experience. He starts on Monday. And if it should turn into a real job, so much the better. He's caught up to the other guys on his joinery course now, too. So he's only at college two days a week instead of four. That means we have one day a week to ourselves again, and it's GREAT!

I'm going to try and get some pictures posted on here soon. If only my windows phone supported mobile blogging! I got some great pictures on the Easter holiday. We didn't do much, but we DID have a great time. England is starting to get gorgeous again, like it does every spring. I love this country more than words can express in April, May and June!

Happy drugs have officially kicked in, and life is plodding on at a nice pace now. Not enjoying the side effects of the drugs, but loving not being a big ball of rage and paranoia. And happy that my husband is feeling confident again.

I sure do love that man!