Thursday, May 19, 2016

A new job opportunity???

I've been at Beck Hill Motors for over two years now, and I love working here. Getting myself ready for work while getting the kids ready for school and juggling their school activities and childcare, not so much. But once I am here, it's such a great place to work. That being said, life marches on. The girl who works Saturdays, Laura, is finishing her degree this year, and has a full time job waiting for her. So Elaine (my delightful boss) needs someone to work Thursday through Saturday. I can't do that. Plus, I can't work during school holidays. So I will be finishing up here in June. Good bye, Beck Hill Motors :(


Martin went to see a chiropractor on Tuesday (it's only taken me ten years to convince him to go) for his bad back, which is now turning into his bad neck, back and shoulders. While he was there, they mentioned that their massage therapist was leaving. Martin said, "Hey, my wife is a massage therapist. You should hire her." Then I came in as I was waiting in the car park with his lunch and wanted to see how long he would be, yada yada yada, long story short...I've got a job interview with them on Monday. I don't know any details yet, but it could be good. I am imagining all the free chiropractic care I can get. Mmmmm...

I'll keep you all posted.

Edith's shingles rash is nearly gone. She hasn't been too miserable with it. The scabs are starting to fall off now, and they are driving her a little bit crazy. But she checks her back every day and is pleased to see the improvement.

In Dylan news, he continues to be simultaneously brilliant and incapable of carrying out any common-sense task! But I do love that boy.

Do I have anything exciting to write about? Well, I bought an epilator for my hairy gorilla arms. And I had my roots touched up. That's pretty much it. Wow, I have a very dull life!

(last week's post, written but not published) Poor baby...

Edith had what looked like a few mosquito bites on her back last week. But over the weekend they bloomed into a nasty looking rash, so I took her to see the doctor on Monday. Turns out, she has shingles! And, sadly, it was too late for anti-virals to be effective. She's just had to tough it out. But she IS one tough cookie, and she's doing fine. She hasn't even missed any school, since the contagious stage was over and the rash is completely covered by her clothes. She's just been a bit whiny, but it's hard to say whether that's because of the virus or her personality. She's been a bit of a little madame lately.

Good week so far. Pattern shopping with the lovely Alice Whall (she's asked me to make her temple dress. Aww!), and a services swap with my friend Natasha. I gave her a massage, and she gave me a pedicure. Then yesterday was all about housework, with a 1.5 hour break for yoga. My front room and bathroom are gleaming. For now, anyway. I DO live with a bunch of nominally domesticated pigs, Lord love them. Anyway, yoga was amazing. And very tough on the ankles, as we did a lot of wide legged stances and balance poses. Yoga is my bliss!

Thursday, May 05, 2016

Is lust still a sin...

...if you are lusting after your own husband?

Martin was playing basketball last night. Found a local team a few weeks ago, and he's been practicing with them on the odd Friday night when he hasn't been at work. They had a match in Grimsby last night, and we all rode in so that we could watch him play.

I am used to my husband being the skinny one on the field or court. But last night, as he ran around like a headless chicken playing very aggressive and handsy basketball, I realized that he's not any more. This joinery job of his has filled him out in a way that I find very appealing. He looks like a man now, instead of a boy. And I couldn't take my eyes off him.

I've noticed it before now, the extra muscle. But last night he was wearing a sleeveless b-ball jersey and was with a room full of other physically fit men. And he looked GOOD!

(Found this partially finished post and thought I'd throw it up here just for fun!)

Total slacker...

It's not that I've had nothing to write about, because I have! Just been lazy, I guess. Winter was long and overwhelming for me, and even with the help of antidepressants I found it very difficult just to do the bare minimum to keep the household ticking over. But the sun is shining, birds are singing, I (accidentally) came off the happy pills, and things are going well.

First things first, our time frame has shifted but we ARE still moving back to the U.S.(see above statement on my crappy winter). We'll keep everyone posted. Don't hold your breath, because, well, bureaucracy, but it is still happening FOR SURE! If we hadn't sold our house, I would be tempted to stay here forever. But he did, and so we aren't.

Dylan and Edith are basically the same, just a little older. Still doing great in school, still driving me crazy at home. The biggest changes are that Dylan is basically toothless and Edith is getting a little bit bratty. Time will march on!

Martin is still loving being a joiner. He is on short term contracts, but has yet to go more than three days without a job. He is in demand, and it is fantastic! Currently, he is working on a school refurbishment in Scunthorpe. He comes home filthy dirty, but he comes home at 4:30pm. And stays for the rest of the night! The novelty still hasn't worn off. I'm still thrilled to have my husband at home with me almost every single night. And he loves it, because he can go do sporty things and I don't freak out about him deserting me on his one night off. Everybody wins. He does still pick up the occasional shift at Winteringham Fields, as well. He still loves doing that, and a few times a month is nice for all of us.

I'm going to try to end this shameful blogging dry spell. Promise!