Tuesday, February 15, 2011

It's official...

After over 4 years of being either pregnant or breastfeeding a child, I am done.

Edith has been off the "mama milk" for a full week now.  She still cries and asks me to feed her (in jibberish), but I am so finished.

Dylan is on his half term break from school and I am trying to make sure we do something fun every day, just because we can.  On Monday we went to Doncaster and took the kids swimming at the Dome.  It's our favorite pool ever.  Then today, Christine and I took the kids to The Deep.  Tomorrow we will go to Normanby Hall if the weather is nice.  Thursday is currently free, but Friday is the Ward activity night and Saturday will probably be a visit to the 20/21 gallery in Scunthorpe and maybe the Pink Pig Farm.

I'm tired already!

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Greg, Ang & 4 kidlets said...

I don't know how you made it until she is almost 2 years. I am ready to stop and Greyson is only 9 months! He gets SO distracted by his sisters:)