Tuesday, January 08, 2013

He's been replaced...

The kids don't like to hold hands with each other when we say our family prayers. Not a problem when Martin is home, because they each hold one of our hands. Unfortunately, he's at work five nights a week.

So tonight I suggested we let a teddy bear take Daddy's place in the circle. It worked brilliantly, but Dylan said the following during his prayer:

"Thank you for helping us find someone to take Daddy's place when he's at work."

Poor Martin, replaced by a stuffed toy!

We've had a lovely Christmas break, and Dylan's back at school tomorrow. Edith goes back on Thursday. We've all been sick over the last few weeks, but had a great time anyway. The best part of it was sleeping in 6 days a week. No major incidents, good times had by all.


Back to early mornings tomorrow, but back to mornings free with my husband. Bitter sweet!

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