Thursday, December 04, 2014

Life isn't measured in dates...

For me, life is measured in events. Like the Barton Christmas fair, which we attended on Saturday. And baby seal season at Donna Nook, and the Lincoln Christmas market, the first snowdrops of the year, the rhododendron blooming at Twigmoor Woods, the plums being ripe at the Humber Bridge viewing area. These are the events that I measure our time by. And so, another year has passed since the last Barton Christmas fair.

It's becoming tradition to browse the stalls, buy the kids a small treat (for Dylan, a new hat--for Edith, a bag of cotton candy), let them play in the fun house whilst I enjoy my annual bag of roasted chestnuts, let the kids eat some chestnuts and wait for Edith to declare that she STILL doesn't like them, visit Martin at work for 5 minutes, then go home for a late dinner and bed.

Sadly, I feel like we've missed some of the milestones this year. Don't get me wrong, they still happened. but I haven't had the energy to go out and experience them. We never went to Twigmoor Woods this year. It's been several years since we saw the baby seals. I know it's early for New Year's resolutions, but one of mine will definitely be to go out and experience life, even if I feel too tired to do it. Suck it up, buttercup will be my new motto.

Plus, I've started running again. That should help with the energy levels. and maybe I'll start hitting the tanning beds twice a week or so. Tis' the season for SAD!

November and December in England are absolutely BRUTAL!

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