Tuesday, September 13, 2016

I don't have penis envy...

...but sometimes I wish I were a man!

Yesterday was an incredibly busy day. Here's the rundown of things I did before 9:30am:

Got up and cooked the kids breakfast (fried eggs on toast--yum).
Supervised the filling in of reading diaries, signed them, and made sure they were put in school bags.
Prepared two packed lunches.
Made sure the kids got dressed, and fixed Edith's hair.
Helped find lost homework.
Drove the kids to school (see above item).
Cleaned the kitchen.
Pegged the laundry on the washing line.
Sorted all of the dirty laundry.
Started a load of laundry.
Got myself ready.
Collected shopping bags in preparation for the big weekly shop.
Got in the car to drive to Martin's hospital appointment.

By comparison, here's what Martin did yesterday before 9:30am:
Got up and got himself dressed.
Made two appointments via phone and internet.
Got in the car to drive to his hospital appointment.

Anyone else seeing a bit of imbalance there?

In Martin's defense, he DID let me get a nearly three hour nap on Sunday while he cooked dinner and ironed/watched football with the kids. That's 100% true (But he made me write it. Guilty much?).

It's been a long summer. Mostly because Martin has been ill for most of it, so a lot of stuff that he normally does has fallen to me. We're both pretty frustrated right now, but I still love my husband. Like, a lot!

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