Thursday, March 03, 2011

A productive lunch hour...

So yesterday was a tough day, physically speaking, especially.

In the morning I did a gruelling workout.  While I was at the gym, Martin took the kids on a manure hunt.  We needed some "bulky organic material" for our borders in the back garden, and I had heard a rumor that a lady near Barton gave it away for free.  The poop hunt was on.


So while Dylan was at school and Edith was napping, I dug some horse manure into the flower beds, fertilized them with fish, blood and bone, and re-seeded the grass.

My body really hurts right now.

But man, you should see how beautiful the soil in my borders looks.  We just need one more bag of manure so I can finish the long border off.  Then I can sow some peas directly into the soil.  Dylan and I already planted tomatoes and pumpkins and marigolds in pots, which are sitting on the windowsill in the kitchen, just waiting for warmer weather.

I've got big plans for the garden this year.  Last year was just all about getting it decent.  This year is all about making it look beautiful.

I remember all the work we did at my parents' house in Nephi to get that garden beautiful and productive.  My favorite tasks by far were picking up rocks (used as a punishment for "naughty" behavior) and shovelling the yearly trailer full of turkey manure onto the soil.  At least dad had the tiller so we didn't have to dig all that in by hand.  It's kind of a back-breaking job, and that is a big ol' garden.

It's funny, because I used to hate yard work.  Now, it's a welcome break from housework.  And there's something soothing about taming nature and making it work for you.  I guess it appeals to the control freak in me.  And there's something very satisfying about planting some seeds and watching them grow.  The only thing better is planting those seeds and then later eating the fruits of the harvest.

I think I could totally dig being a farmer. 

We're having a tough week with the kids.  Edith is getting teeth (the last ones before her molars) and she is really ratty.  She wants pretty much constant cuddles, and it's a bit tiresome.  Dylan is just doing that normal toddler thing and testing all his boundaries, limits and rules this week.  Plus, he is being really insolent to his dad.  He doesn't speak that way to me, but Martin is a bit of a soft touch.  He may or may not get his mouth washed out with soap before the week is over.  I really don't like disciplining my children, but it's better to do it now and have them be decent people when they get to be teenagers, right?

Martin had to work on Sunday so he has today off instead.  Hooray!  I need to go wake him up.  Time to get another giant bag of poop...

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