Tuesday, March 08, 2011


I SO had something to post about earlier, but it's gone now.

They say you lose brain cells with each child you have (I totally support this theory). It's a good job Martin has refused to have any more kids, or I would have no brain cells left!

Dylan is going on an outing with school on Friday.  They're taking his class to St. Mary's church and they are going to "christen" a doll.  It should be pretty fun for him.  AND he has been invited to go to the Fun Forest with his friend Kai on Saturday.  My little baby boy is growing up so fast.  School trips, outings with friends, he'll be dating before I know it.

Edith is talking a little bit better every day.  Last weekend she mastered "wait," and she is absolutely brilliant with "up" and "hey."  We were out in the garden this morning, and what really amazed me was how perceptive she is.  That girl notices seriously everything.  Birds flying so high in the sky that I can hardly see them, dogs barking a few streets over, EVERYTHING!

I'll get some pictures up soon of our walk in Twigmoor Wood.  We had such a good time.  I decided that we would do something fun every weekend.  We just have to do it without Martin.  I can manage both kids on my own a lot easier now, so there is no reason not to.  And if he starts to feel left out, well, maybe he'll start taking the occasional Saturday off.

I'm not holding my breath.

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