Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Why I wish I was back in Utah for Thanksgiving...

My dad sent this e-mail through a few days ago:

We are just putting the menu together, we still have a few holes to fill.
Ham- ?
Potatoes/gravy Neil/Sharlene
Rolls- Neil/Sharlene
Cranberries Neil/Sharlene
Green Salad- Velecia/Eric
Stuffing- Angie/Greg
Yams- Krystle/Blaine
Cheeseball- Neil Sharlene
Crackers- Krystle/Blaine
Fruit Salad- ?
Relish Tray- ShaNeil/Russell
Apple Pie- Angie/Greg
Deswert- Velecia/Eric
Pumpkin Pie- ?
Paper Products- ?

Here's my list:

Ham-Not enough people attending to necessitate
Rolls-not bothering, since father in law won't eat bread
Green Salad-what, in winter?
Stuffing-Jamie (home-made stovetop since Stouffer's isn't available in England)
Cheeseball-why bother? It's just dinner
Crackers-see above
Fruit Salad-crap, hadn't thought about that. Jamie? Might have to run to the shops!
Relish Tray-see cheeseball
Apple Pie-nope
Dessert-Jamie (pecan pie)
Pumpkin Pie-Jamie (once again, made from scratch as canned pumpkin is not available)
Paper Products-puhleeze! I will be doing all the dishes afterwards.

Sometimes I wonder why I bother, but then I remember that my children are half American, and I want them to celebrate that fact.

Happy Holidays, y'all!

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Greg, Ang & 4 kidlets said...

Your post made me laugh, but I am sorry you won't be with us tomorrow:( I am now doing the ham also so you can feel a little bit better since I have only cooked one in my life. Dad told me a million times not to overcook it- no pressure right?