Friday, January 30, 2009

My adorable son!

Dylan has been just about the cutest little boy int he whole world this morning (aside from refusing to eat his oatmeal at breakfast)! I decided that my bathroom and kitchen were a disgrace, as is the rest of the house, and needed to be cleaned purely for our health and safety. So Dylan and I skipped stay-and-play and tidied up instead. Not the most fun morning, right? But Dylan had a great time! He ran around with a mini bottle of disinfectant and a lambs wool duster and copied everything I did. He LOVES dusting, and I really like letting him "help" me.

He actually is starting to be a help rather than a hindrance when it comes to house work. As he understands more of what I say, he can shut cupboards for me and hand me clothes that need to be folded. I think it's good for him to do it, too. Not just so he learns how to clean, though that is really good! He is learning very basic and important things, like "open" and "closed" and colours (like when I ask him to hand me the green shirt).

He really is like a little sponge at the minute. He absorbs everything that we say, even when we think he is ignoring us. And he's starting to parrot us like crazy. He's just learned how to say "go" and "wahoo!" He also likes to play with keys, and I now have to lock the front door AND hang my keys up where he can't reach them. Dylan is way too smart for his own good!

We were watching video clips of him last night from when he was about 6 months old, and Martin actually got a little misty eyed. He said, "I don't want him to grow up," and I smiled and told him it was OK, that we'd have another tiny one in just a few months. "I know," he said, "but I want Dylan to stay little." Wow, I don't! I love it that he's becoming so independent. But I know what he means. I think I'm finally learning to appreciate the little things that happen every day.

Motherhood is still the hardest thing I've ever done, but I have moments when it is the most wonderful thing that ever happened to me!

In mundane daily news, Martin got most of the holes in the ceiling of the kids' room patched last night. He was miserable doing it (have I mentioned that he HATES plastering?) but he got it done. Just one large hole and then a few tiny ones to go. He also got most of the closet framed out. I think two more big pieces to attach to the walls and then the side bits to hang the shelves on and we are ready to do exterior stuff. Then it's painting and carpet. I'm so excited to have it done.

I was working on making a new cover for the moses basket for Newbie. Emma gave me her old one, but I'm not particularly fond of the cover. So I ripped it apart and am using it as a pattern for a new one that's going to be all ivory with a crochet trim. I'll be cutting it out tonight and sewing it up early next week. Then it'll have to be blanket stitched and the crochet edge done, but I'll have time to do that on car journeys and while I'm resting. It's good to keep my hands busy.

Still no luck on jobs for Martin, but we are still hopeful. And still no word on the complaint with our bank about travel insurance. I'm optimistic about that, as well. I hope it goes well, because the ambulance bill was a LOT higher than I thought it'd be. Like scarily high! Martin nearly hit the roof when I told him how much it was. Everything else was about what I expected it to be--some of it was less. But the ambulance, well, I know what I want to do when we move back. The crew must make BANK!

Anyway, time to dash now. It's feeding time at the zoo, and I have to try and come up with a meal that is fairly nutritious that Dylan will actually eat, since breakfast was a bit smaller than usual. My life is totally consumed with feeding this kid!

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