Friday, April 01, 2011

Two whole years...

Edith celebrated her second birthday today.

I can hardly believe that my baby is two.  She's not even a baby any more--she's a proper little girl.  Of course, she'll still seem like a baby until she learns to speak.

I wanted to write a glowing post for her birthday about how lovely and wonderful she is.  Unfortunately, she has been a bit under the weather and very hard work, so it's hard to gush right now.  I've pretty much held her constantly for the past week, and it's getting a little bit old.

That said, she actually is a wonderful little girl.  She is a real old-fashioned beauty, and such a sweet-natured thing.  She is a joy to have around most of the time.  She sort of lives in her own little world, wandering around and looking at things, singing and babbling to herself.  She is incredibly affectionate.  She is very good at sharing (for a two-year-old). 

Edith adds so much to our family.  We all absolutely adore her, and can't really remember what life was like before she came along.  Much less fun, I'm sure.

We did have a very nice day, even though she is a bit fussy lately.  Christine, Cathy, and Martin's Gilbert grandparents came over, and Amy joined us as well.  We had sandwiches, coleslaw, Doritos, drinks, and cupcakes for dessert.  She loved all of her gifts.  I did have to take her to see the doctor because my sister-in-law judged me and made me feel like a bad parent for not taking her.  Turns out that I was right and it's NOT a chest infection.

Our bridal wreath in the back garden bloomed yesterday. 

These are the things that make me happy.

It was a much nicer day than the one that she was born.  Though that one involved IV morphine.

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