Friday, August 29, 2008

Dylan's birthday

We have had such a wonderful day!

We went down to Rand Farm Park this afternoon to celebrate Dylan's first birthday, and it was so much fun. We got a late start from home because Martin had to get a haircut and there was quite a wait at George's Gents Hairdressing, but we were the first ones there anyway. Dylan's nanna and grandad, great gran and grandad, and Charlie and Beth were there. We had a picnic, ate birthday cupcakes, and then Dylan opened his gifts. The packages from Velecia, Angie, Grandma Lofley, and Grandma Cook all got here on time, and he loves his stuff. Well, we love his clothes and he loves his toys!

We wandered around the farm then, which was interesting. Dylan was a little bit scared of some of the animals (bizarrely enough, mostly the sheep). But he loved the chickens and absolutely adored the pigs and piglets. He got to pet a rabbit--and ended up groping an employee's chest instead--and a cow. Then we went and played in the toddler area of the adventure playground. After he was done playing we went back through the farm to go home. This time through, he loved the animals. He even put his hand inside a calf's mouth (and then promptly tried to put his hand in his own mouth--gross)! He was asleep within 5 minutes of us starting the drive home, and slept the whole way. He woke up and had his dinner, and now we are playing with some of his new toys.

I was pretty impressed with myself. I made his birthday cupcakes from scratch! I used the Emery County cookbook (thanks Grandma, that was the best bridal shower gift EVER). It was a very strange recipe that called for baking soda dissolved in milk instead of baking powder. Plus you added boiling water to the mix right before you baked it. I was a bit dubious, but it turned out ok. Plus I made German chocolate cake frosting. Delicious.

It's nearly bath and bed time--thank goodness. I will definitely be getting an early night tonight.

I can't believe Dylan is one already. Sometimes it seems like just yesterday he was born, and sometimes it seems like he's been with us forever. A whole year!!!

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Tara said...

I can't believe he is one either!! It goes by so fast!! He's a cute kid!