Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Happy healthy baby!

And I should mention huge as well. I had Dylan weighed and measured today and he is tipping the scales at just over 25 lbs. He's also 81 cm long (that's just shy of 3 feet, for the metrically challenged). He's just below the 91st percentile on his weight, and at 99.6 on his height. We have a BIG boy. Every time the health visitors see him they gush about how beautiful he is. I have to agree.

Not too much going on at the minute. Martin has nearly finished painting the window, and we should have it installed early next week. I'm excited to have a window that opens in the bedroom! The weather has been really hot (for England) and with the humidity hovering over 70% most days that makes things pretty miserable. A window that opens will cool things off considerably.

My friend Jen is in the hospital. Her asthma flared up and she isn't responding to treatment. I always forget that asthma is a serious condition that can even be life threatening. Mine is so well controlled that it isn't really an issue. Dylan and I took her a bag of toiletries and stayed for a short visit. Her family are far away and she has been lonely in the hospital with no visitors. I know how she feels--I had a lonely few days after Dylan was born, even with Martin's family and lovely Emma coming to visit. The days are long when you're stuck in a hospital bed.

Martin's off to baseball practice tonight, and when he gets home I'm going to watch Mama Mia at the cinema with his mother. We're bonding. It should be fun--our mobile phone company does half price tickets on a Wednesday, so it's really cheap to go. Can't wait!!!

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