Sunday, August 24, 2008

Medieval Day...

We have had such a brilliant weekend so far! Martin and I went in to Grimsby yesterday and I got a haircut at Zimmini (remember last year when I got the most expensive haircut ever? Same place!) while the boys went window shopping. Then we had lunch at a pub called the Parity and drove down to Utterby for the medieval day.

The event was being held in a big field behind someone's house. It was great! They had decorated with a giant castle cutout and had old school tents up everywhere. There was an archery stand, a display about local builders who restore old wattle and daub houses in Lincolnshire, face painting for the kids, a tent where you could make a family sheild, and family races and jousting.

Dylan had so much fun, because the field was huge and we just let him crawl around to his heart's content. He went all over the place. He wore his horse costume from Aunt Angie and Uncle Greg, and looked FANTASTIC! Martin and I wore the costumes that I made, and we looked pretty good, too.

Martin's dad came for dinner, which was nice as well. There was a hog roast, and we also had venison, sea trout, and roast rabbit. Yummy!

By far the best part of the day was that it completely wore Dylan out. He fell asleep in the car on the way home, woke up long enough to have a bottle when we got back, and slept until quarter past 7 this morning.

It was a busy run up to the day, though. I made blackberry and apple pies (with blackberries that Dylan and I picked together, no less) and spiced apple cider. I also made the costumes, and that was not easy. I finished mine about a half an hour before we left the house, and it involved curved seams, darts, and button holes! By the time we showed up, I was already exhausted. But it was so worth it!

Today has been good as well. Church was interesting. The chapel is being redecorated and has been completely gutted. The pews have all been moved into the cultural hall, and it is a bit of a squeeze. I hope it doesn't take long to finish the chapel, but it is going to be so much nicer. The church looks a little bit ghetto at the minute. It was built in the early 70's, and it really shows. One of the first things to go was the cheesy cheap wooden panelling that covered the entire front of the chapel, and it looks better already. Didn't really get much of a spiritual buzz, because I spent most of the time chasing Dylan around. That's pretty normal now, but I enjoyed it all the same.

Martin had his last game of the season in Hull today, but Dylan and I stayed home and had a nap. Then we drove over to Kirton Lindsey and met Grandad for a drink and some cake at the windmill there. It was a gorgeous afternoon spent in total relaxation, and Dylan was as good as gold. I had a wonderful visit with my father-in-law, as well. I really do love my in-laws. I just prefer not to hang out with both of them at once.

Now Dylan and I are relaxing and waiting for daddy to come home. He's been confined to a car seat or his pushchair for most of the day, so he's enjoying just roaming around. I'm enjoying watching him!

By far the best part of the weekend is that it's not over yet. It's bank holiday Monday tomorrow, and the Place is closed. Martin and I are going to be working out in the garden. It needs a serious tidy! We will get to spend the whole day together tomorrow!

Last year I was 9+ months pregnant on the bank holiday Monday. We went to Cleethorpes sea front and had a picnic, and I was huge and swollen and miserable. I played catch with Martin on the beach and my water broke that night. I can't believe it's been a whole year since then!


georgia said...

Dont you just love the nap time. It will be something you revolve your life around completely when you have more children.

Ang & Greg said...

Sounds like you guys had a great weekend- can't wait to see some pictures:)