Saturday, December 13, 2008

Big sigh of relief...

Martin is still at work, but it is his last Christmas party before we head stateside. Dylan is asleep and my hard week is over. Now we just have a manic few days of packing ahead of us, and 12 hours of flying plus layovers. I will breathe a big sigh of relief when I wake up on Wednesday morning in Utah.

We've had a very lovely day, all things considered. It was the Primary Christmas party, and I went as a show of support but was no help at all since Martin was at work and my little sidekick went along. After the party, which Emma and the kids rode in with me for, we all hopped in the car and drove to Cleethorpes. It was Nathan's birthday yesterday, and we went swimming with them to celebrate. Then we went to MacDonalds for dinner, and rushed home because Martin's Nanna and Grandad were popping 'round before they went to a concert here in town.

So we had a full house for an hour or so this evening. It was the grandparents, plus Martin's dad came by. Martin popped home for about 45 minutes as well, and we were so happy to see him!

We are trying to push Dylan's bed time back a bit this weekend in preparation for the time change, so his bath was nearly 45 minutes later than normal. The morning we fly we will be putting him to bed late and waking him up early in the hope that he will sleep a lot on the longer flights. Fingers crossed!

Anyway, that's the update. Oh, and by the way, it looks like Martin's eye is getting better with the antibiotics. Good, huh?

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