Tuesday, December 02, 2008


I actually had something to write about earlier this morning, but I can't remember for the life of me what it was. Too bad, really, because I remember thinking that it would be good.

Life continues on much the same as always here in Barton. We got some snow this morning, which was lovely. As a result, my Primary presidency meeting was cancelled (the people in this country are completely incapable of dealing with snow--it's annoying and funny) so Dylan and I are just chilling at home. I adore the snow, as long as I am tucked up all snug in my house with a hot chocolate watching it fall. Amazing, really, that it has snowed twice this year when it usually only snows once every couple of years.

Dylan is doing really well. He is a little chatter box, and he is walking like a champion. He loves doing things just to make me and Martin laugh--he's quite the entertainer. We went swimming yesterday, and he was great--just giggling and shouting and swimming like crazy. He was really exhausted by it, too. He slept until 8:30 this morning!

Martin is staying really busy at work, which is good. He has this Saturday off work, and then next week he will be putting in about 70 hours. There are a bunch of private Christmas parties in the evenings, so Dylan and I won't see much of him. Good thing we are going to Utah in just two weeks' time.

Our insurance company settled our claim on our car (it was written off) and we should be receiving a check from them any day now. As soon as we have the check, we can buy our "new" car. It's going to be nice--it's much bigger and more powerful than the little Renault was, and there is room in the boot for Dylan's push chair. It will be better for when the new baby comes along. We should only be carless for a day or two this time (our rental car has to go back tonight).

In pregnancy news, this baby is growing like crazy! I am very obviously pregnant now, and the baby kicks and jiffles a lot. He/she is especially active around 10 pm, when I go to bed. I love this stage of pregnancy. I feel really good and am not too uncomfortable yet. Wow, as a matter of fact, the baby is kicking even as I type.

Anyway, Dylan and I are going to go to the library and pick some new books for him and pop in and visit Martin. Must dash!

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