Saturday, January 22, 2011

That was totally "Wicked"...

So my birthday was pretty much amazing.  My saintly mother-in-law spent two days and one night at my house, playing guardian to my beautiful children, while Martin whisked me away to London.  We spent the night and saw Wicked at the ApolloVictoria theatre in the West End.  It was amazing--loved every second!

I got some very nice gifts--a new handbag, my favorite shade of lipstick, an adorable ring that Dylan picked out all by himself, and a pizza stone.  Oh, and did  mention that I got to go see Wicked in the West End?

So here I am, 32 years old.  Where has the time gone?  I feel absolutely ancient, but this damp and gray English climate means that I still don't have any wrinkles.  That's pretty good news, at least.  And my kids keep me young.

Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes.  We've all settled back down to normalcy now, and it is strangely nice and comforting. I love going away, but I love coming home even more.  I missed the kids terribly while we were away, and was in heaven when we got back and Martin and I were practically smothered in cuddles and kisses.

In routine news, I have been released from my church calling teaching the youth.  I'm sad that I won't be teaching them any more, but am looking forward to a new calling soon.  Martin is working different hours now--a split shift every day but Saturday, when he's there all day long.  It's not any more hours at work, really.  Just different.  Edith is now picking up the pace with learning to speak and has a vocabulary of approximately 30 words.  She's not been as quick as Dylan at learning to talk, but she is a great communicator all the same.  Dylan has started drawing pictures for me while he's at school and is becoming a really good helper around the house.

Anyway, I'm exhausted and it's bath then bed over here.  Just wanted to do a quick update for the fam.

Nighty night!

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