Friday, September 12, 2008

Coming out...

It's nice to come out of the pregnancy closet! I've jsut spent about 8 weeks totally miserable and sick, but not wanting to let anybody know about it. Now that I'm into my second trimester I don't feel like I have to hide the pregnancy from everybody any more. I can be tired. I can neglect my housework. I can take naps with Dylan every day. I can do all these things and NOT have people think I am just lazy and slovenly. People are even understanding when I haven't showered and look horrible. How lovely, to not have to pretend that everything is fine and normal!

Dylan is being way too adorable lately. Yesterday he didn't take a nap at all, and that was hard. He also spilled my lunch, an entire bowl of minestrone soup, on the carpet in the dining room. It's cream coloured carpet, and now has a big red stain. But he played so adorably that I couldn't be angry. He has just started breathing heavily through his nose and growling (two new sounds for him) because he likes the noise it makes. He's also been really affectionate lately--giving kisses to just about everybody. This is especially nice as he wasn't very affectionate for a long time.

I keep meaning to post some pictures of him--I just never seem to get aorund to it. Everyone is starting to say how much he looks like Martin. But when he smiles he still looks just like me. I've even been told he laughs the same as me.

I love looking at Dylan and seeing the things about him that are just like me or Martin. He gets this little twinkle in his eye that is pure Martin. If the telly is on he can't take his eyes off it, just like Martin. He opens his mouth when he smiles, just like me. It's amazing to see!

Part of me seriously wonders if I will be able to love another baby as much as I do Dylan. And I worry that when the new baby comes along I will be so busy taking care of a newborn that my relationship with Dylan will suffer. I'm sure things will be OK, but it is a worry all the same.

Martin and I were talking about what we would do if I have to have another c-section. Mom, you'll be pleased to hear that he is planning on taking a full 2 weeks off work this time. Dylan and daddy will stay home together while I recover at the hospital, and then he'll be home for another week when I get out. Of course, if I don't have a section he won't need that much time off. But I'd be ok if he took it all the same!

March is going to come really fast! We've got loads to do on the house before the new baby arrives and we put the house on the market. It makes me tired just to think about it, and I won't be much help. Martin will have to do the bulk of the work himself as I will be busy taking care of Dylan and being pregnant and miserable. I have the best husband in the whole world!

Speaking of the best husband, he is working late tonight. There is a private function at the Place tonight (someone's 70th birthday party). He has also applied for a few different jobs. They aren't in restaurant management, but they do pay nearly twice as much as he makes now. What could we do with twice as much money? Oh, heaven! He's been doing loads of work on the house, and has really been helping a lot more on the house since his guilty weekend in London when he deserted his pregnant wife and baby to play baseball.

Anyway, I need to get dinner prepped so it is finished if Martin gets to come home before the function tonight. Ugh--I don't know if I am using my pregnancy as an excuse to do stuff or if I genuinely don't feel well. All I know is, I can't stand the smell of cooking food at the minute.

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Adriane said...

I think Dylan looks so much like you when I look at your blog picture. I wondered about lovin ganother baby as much and spending enough time on relationship with #1when #2 came also, but it's amazing how your heart can grow to accomodate any children who join your family. Just make sure to make Dylan/mommy time a priority and all will be well.
I had a section with my first and VBAC with my next two. I was told that I could avoid a section if I wnt into labor on my own with #2. I was gently induced with #3 and avoided a section with her as well. Good luck with that and I wish you the best.
I couldn't stand the smell of cooking food when I was pregnant either. I love being in the kitchen, but I couldn't stand it with #3. Hubby was wondering what had happened to his wife who loved to bake/cook! Good luck in the coming months!