Monday, September 29, 2008


So, as most of you know, nearly two years ago my mother-in-law found the "perfect" job for Martin--managing the Place. She convinced him to quit his 9-5 with medical benefits to manage a locally owned restaurant. Because he made the move, he didn't get paternity leave or pay. He also started working unsociable hours and working 6 days a week. But it was ok, since he didn't have to drive to work and I could go see him, but I've never liked him working there.

Well, today Martin came home and announced that the Place will be closing in two weeks. Nadine, the owner, has offered him a job at the Habrough Hotel. Unfortunately, she also has plans to sell that. But he will still have a job. He's in the process of looking for a new one anyway. Nadine might let Martin and Karen (the chef) take over the lease, but it will be scary financially. We've got some serious thinking to do.

Oh, the drama! We'll be OK no matter what happens--I'm confident of that. But I hate having things change just when we are getting comfortable and we've got big changes coming up anyway. ARGH!!!

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