Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Major baby steps...

Today Dylan started walking while I was holding only one of his hands. Before today if you let go of one of his hands he would just sit down. But we went to Baysgarth Park this afternoon and there was an adorable little 2 year old named Tim there. He had big brown eyes and the curliest blond hair you've ever seen. Dylan thought he was pretty cool and tried to imitate him walking. Tim thought Dylan was pretty cool and started crawling by the time he and his mum left.

My little baby is growing up so fast! He's going to be walking before I know it. Next thing I know, he'll be starting college!

Today I started going through Dylan's old baby clothes. I'm seperating them according to age so if we have another boy it will be easy to get clothes out and if we have a girl it will be easier to either try to sell the clothes or give them away to friends who (might) have a boy. I was looking at some of his old sleep suits and was amazed that he used to fit in to them. Was he ever that tiny?

I'm actually starting to look forward to having another tiny baby. I was so depressed and lonely after Dylan was born, and I never said anything to anyone about it. I just suffered silently and felt guilty, and so I don't think I enjoyed him as a tiny baby as much as I could have. I'm not going to let that happen this time. I am going to treasure every moment--especially since this will be our last baby if I have to have another c-section.


Adriane said...

That is so exciting! He'll be into everything now. I felt the same way after my first was born and I realize now that I've been diagnosed with PPD after the 3rd that I could have had help all that time. Oh well. Things are well now. I really didn't bond with my first till he was 2 months old and started on the bottle, weird as that sounds. Good luck with everything! They don't stay tiny for long.

georgia said...

baby blues at his finest. My late child was suppose to be a girl and we had everything pink and i had to have an last minute c section like you and he came out a boy and i didnt want him for the life of me as bad as it sounds it true. I was in laber for 16 hours didnt give birth at all didnt feel like i had a baby my milk wouldnt come in and then they come in and tell that the child i just had had apnea and wasnt remembering to breath. ANd they had the nerve to ask me why i was always crying. then i had the worst nurse and the nursing students WOULD NOT leave me alone. I finally started to like him after a day or two (doesnt that sound terible) then they throw this rock at me and say that he had to stay in nicu for a week and a half longer so they could teach to how to breath properly. Yea i lived in spanish fork and i had him in payson hospital i had to go there every two hours to feed him plus be a mom to three other children Yea and people wonder why i tied my tubes so early

ok i feel better, but anyway what you went through is normal and youll prolly go through it again. The joys of child birth