Thursday, September 04, 2008

Learning new skills...

Dylan has learned something new. He is now able to smack his lips together. I know it's going to be annoying in a few days' time, but right now it's just adorable!

The little munchkin gets smarter every day. He loves to crawl around the house and get in to everything! He's also just learned how to put the toilet lid up--not cool! He's a little chatterbox, especially first thing in the morning, and his verbal skills are really improving. He's not talking yet, but he is really keen on copying sounds. He will click his tongue, cough, smack his lips, or make monkey noises if you do it first. And he loves it when we copy him!

I love just watching Dylan play. He is so intelligent and I could watch him figure stuff out all day long. Unfortunately, it's also exhausting to follow him around and make sure he doesn't get into things he shouldn't. And he is terminally curious.

I love my son!

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georgia said...

just wait until he starts walkin--its just get worse. Yea its goes down hill from here. The real task at hand it being able to punish him when he just looks so cute. And your faverate word will be NO. The joys of parenthood