Sunday, October 19, 2008

DIY Weekend...

So we had this work day all set up for last weekend, then we had to postpone because of the Place and Nadine. The stud wall in Dylan's nursery had to come down as we needed a bigger room for when Newbie comes along. We thought we had some help organized, but it ended up being just the two of us. Luckily, Martin's dad stopped by in the morning and helped us get the old kitchen units out as I am useless when it comes to carrying stuff. Not a good idea to do any heavy lifting in my delicate condition.

Dylan went to his Nanna's house for the afternoon and evening, and Martin and I dove right in. He did the heavy stuff with the crow bar, and I was on clean-up duty. He had to mess with the electrics as we had a few power sockets and light switches in the stud wall, but he's pretty good at stuff like that now, after wiring up the front room and installing a consumer unit with his dad. It went really well. I probably over did it a little bit, but everything's ok with me and the fetus. And the nursery looks good. It's kind of rough looking, but Dylan is sleeping in there again. We are going to have to strip wallpaper, repair plaster, and do some painting before it's finished. But the nasty job of gutting everything is done and everything else is just cosmetic and actually really fun.

Dylan is getting so he loves spending the night at nanna's house. She lets him watch the telly while he's having his bottle, and he gets to play with Smudge (the insane springer spaniel). They have really bonded lately, and it's lovely! We are hoping that Christine bonds with the new baby faster than she did with Dylan though. It has only been the last two months or so that they've really started to get to know each other well.

Now, on our peaceful Sunday evening, Dylan is sleeping and Martin is putting up secondary glazing film on our windows. Since we are in a conservation area and a listed building we are not allowed to have double glazed windows. Grandma Lofley always had the glazing film on her windows. I hope it works well, because our house gets really cold and it is huge and expensive to heat.

So we've still got a lot to do, but getting that wall down upstairs gets us started on the last big job that needs to be done before we can sell the house. And that's exciting stuff!!!


Ang & Greg said...

Yeah- you guys are getting closer:) Sounds like you are getting a lot done! Are you guys thinking of moving back to Cedar when you come back? I hope you move closer so we can see you more:) Just putting my plug-in:)

Manic Mundays said...

Sorry we couldn't come over and help, but Lewis had to work, as I told you when you were organising all this.
Next time why don't you try and hang on until Lewis has a saturday off? Then we can help instead of you putting you and your baby at risk.

Gilberts' Fridge said...

To Emma--Martin has so few days off and we need to get working so we are finished WELL before the baby comes. Martin has a hard time finishing things, so it's important for us to get started ASAP! The baby and I were never at risk--just tired and sore, and that never hurt anybody!
Ang--Martin is hoping to get a job up in Park City, so even though we would still be 2 1/2 hours away, half way would be Provo instead of somewhere off I15 between Filmore and Beaver!