Sunday, October 12, 2008

Dylan's first words...

Our little guy is turning into a chatterbox! He loves to babble--especially first thing in the morning--but he is starting to say a few things properly.

His first "real" word was DUCKS! He says it more like "dutts," but we know what he is saying.

He is also saying hello--sort of. The Brits say Hiya a lot, and even though Martin and I don't say it, Dylan's started. He says it a lot--especially when he picks up the phone.

Another favorite is "book." Once again, it doesn't sound much like book. It's more like "guk," but it's still cute.

He has also learned cat, dog, and conker (horse chestnuts). His language skills develop a little bit more every day, and it's so exciting to watch. He has also started laughing a lot more, which is wonderful. I don't think there is any sweeter sound than my son laughing out loud!


Manic Mundays said...

odd that hiya thing. We don't really say it either but the boys both said it around Dylan's age. Caitlin didn't do hiya, she just did 'ello in a very broad Bolton accent which was very cute!
Dylan was chattering to me all the time I was holding him today it was really lovely. Bless him :)

Velecia said...

It's so fun to watch all the little milestones of little ones. It really is priceless.

Adriane said...

That is so exciting. Ashlee is about to be 2 next month and I know that she could talk if she wanted to, but she doesn't feel like it. She is starting to say more though, but if I aks her to say something that I know she knows she looks at me all cute and shakes her head! She's a cutie, but she has her own mind.
A friend tagged me on her blog to play a little game. I titled it TAG 9 on my blog and I chose to tag you. You don't have to do it if you don't want to, but I thought it would be fun!