Sunday, October 26, 2008


Well, Martin and I got a lot done in the nursery yesterday. Not as much as we would have liked, but you can only do so much with a one year old crawling around in the dust. The frustration comes with the fact that even though we worked for hours, it looks like we didn't get anything done. Martin cut a channel out of the ceiling to conceal the wiring for the bathroom light and shower. He also chiselled a channel in the plaster and brick to conceal the wiring for an electrical outlet.

Christine came over, and she and I stripped wallpaper. Two of the walls are nearly ready to paint. I have two more walls to strip the paper off, and then we'll be ready to get some paint up. The plaster is in good condition, which is nice. We'll have to do a little patching, but nothing major.

We're having a good time trying to decide how to decorate the nursery. Last time we just needed the room to be usable. We didn't actually do much decorating because our front room was a hollow mess of a shell and I was heavily pregnant with no energy to spare. This time I want the room to be cute and comfy, and we don't have any major projects going other than this one.

We've also decided that we are going to move the piano into what is now the dining nook and convert the middle room into a formal dining room. We couldn't do that before, because we didn't have a living room. It's full of kitchen cabinets at the minute, but I'm excited to make the change. The piano will fit perfectly into the tiny dining nook, and we'll actually have plenty of room for Dylan's high chair in the middle room.

Our house is really starting to get cozy and comfortable. Well, it's really cold at the minute, but it's still getting comfortable as long as you are wearing socks and a wooly jumper.

So that's the update. It's not worth posting pictures of the nursery yet, because it hasn't changed much since the last pictures I posted of it. But I'll get plenty of photos as we make more progress.

Happy Sunday, everybody!

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Adriane said...

I agree. Taking care of a baby while sick is one of the hardest things to do in life. All you want is for someone to take care of you and instead you have to take care of someone---a very needy someone! Congratulations! 20 weeks. I love that mile marker :)
Sorry it's so cold there, it is currently 76 degrees here in West Texas and I'm wishing it would get colder.