Friday, November 07, 2008

Working girl...

Just a lightening quick post--I gave a massage tonight!!! I spoke to the owner of the Pamper Place (salon next to the Place) last week when I booked Dylan's haircut and told her I could do massages if she ever needed someone to do one for a client. She called me a few days later and had some work for me. They had issued a gift certificate for a neck and back massage several months ago, but no longer have a massage therapist on staff. So I made £10 for 45 minutes of work, and got a £5 tip in the bargain.

I feel so awesome--it's the first time I've contributed financially for months! Hooray!!!

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Manic Mundays said...

It's nice isn't it? It's weird because us Mums work darn hard and the fee for the services we provide would be HUGE; but I still feel better when I bring money into the house!! Go figure..