Saturday, February 14, 2009

Being Dylan's mom...

As I was picking cottage pie out of my son's ear tonight, it suddenly occurred to me that I have never smiled so much in my life as I have since he was born.

Dylan makes me angry. He tears the house to pieces, plays in the trash, eats cheerios off the floor because he thinks it's fun, and demands my attention for around 12 hours of every day. But for all that, he makes me so happy! He makes me smile or laugh out loud at least 10 times a day, and I love him for that.

Even though Martin and I have hardly seen each other this Valentine's day, it's still been a great one. Dylan has been great and I've enjoyed my day--especially having him to myself this evening. We played in the bath and he showed me how he's starting to learn his colors. We sang the bicycle song together. We read stories and snuggled. I sang him a lullaby and got all the bed time kisses to myself.

I loved being a mother today!

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Adriane said...

Happy babies are the best Valentine's ever!