Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Nothing special...

I'm very proud of myself this week. Last week when I started to feel my cold coming on, I increased my dosage of my steroids inhaler. My asthma flared up, but I am now almost completely recovered. I still have a few lingering traces of cold, but am feeling pretty good. Lucky for me, as it turns out, since I have hit that stage in my pregnancy.

All you ladies that have babies will know what I'm talking about. It's the point where things start to hurt and even doing simple daily tasks becomes a huge chore. You have to bend over funny to wash the dishes, hold your breath to shave your legs, and sometimes need help standing up if you've been sitting for a long time. The nervousness about bringing home a new baby is overshadowed by your desperate longing to get the kid out! Being pregnant isn't fun any more!!!

I thought I'd be doing my birth plan at the midwive's this week, but it's in two weeks time. That's pretty exciting. All of my vitals are good, and the baby seems to be thriving still. Good news--it's head down. I was pretty sure it was, since I've been getting tiny toes in my ribs for weeks now. The head isn't engaged, but it's probably big enough now that I don't have to worry about it being breach.

I have another ultrasound on Thursday--it should be my last one, and I'm looking forward to it. Hopefully they aren't so busy this time so I can request a picture of the baby's face. Last time they were so busy that I didn't want to impose.

In Dylan news, the terrible twos are hitting us early and with a vengence. Dylan is still a sweetie, but he is so willful and stubborn and I reach my wits' end with him on a fairly regular basis. He is just so stubborn!!! He is also getting a whole mouthful of teeth at the same time, and that's not helping. He's testing his limits daily, and I feel like all I do is tell him no. So frustrating, but the cuddles at the end of the day make it all worth it. Plus, I know that if we don't stick to our guns now we will end up with a little tyrant. It's critical for us to teach him and be consistent with him right now.

Martin is a super star! He is still only working part time, but has his safety passport course booked and will be (most likely) doing the shutdown work come April. In the mean time, he is cracking away on the closet in the kids' room. He nearly has it ready for me to finish off the plastering. We won't have it painted by the time we pick out the carpet, but we'll have it painted before the carpet is laid. It's going to be done really soon, and I have my lovely husband to thank for it. I don't deserve a husband this good!

So that's the update. Like I said, nothing special!


Celeste said...

That's funny about being uncomfortable! I have a theory that the reason God made pregnancy so uncomfortable at the end is so we women would actually want the baby out despite what having a new person to take care means. Of course not all women second guess their decision to mother a child, but I certainly do when think about what having a new person to take care of!

georgia said...

oh sweetie it just get worse...he knows theres something up with his mommy so hes rebelling just week until the babys born you will learn the hole facial expression and if looks could kill. The hole toddler phase is sooo much fun

Gilberts' Fridge said...

Celeste, I agree with your theory 100%!!!
Georgia, I know it's only going to get worse. But at the minute the horrible days come in fits and starts. Thank goodness!!!

Adriane said...

I have a theory too. The terrible two's actually start by about 18 months (which means Dylan is still a little ahead of schedule) and last to about 2 1/2. Good weeks and bad weeks. Ashlee is my only tantrumer. She actually does the flattening herself on the floor thing! It gets pretty frustrating, but she is finally getting better at expressing herself in a more suitable manner.