Thursday, February 05, 2009

Drama, but NOT MINE!

Last night there was a bit of a kerfuffle on the street outside our house. It started at aorund 10 pm, with shouting and thumping noises, and someone shouting that he'd been run over. Martin peeked out the window and watched for a few minutes, then he called the police. They were doing their usual annoying switchboard trick of being more interested in getting the details of the person calling than in the actual problem (sorry Lewis, but it's true) when a couple officers showed up. Apparently they'd already been called.

There are a few boys who live down the street who are bad news. One of them got caught red-handed trying to burglarize the newly opened tattoo shop across the street and the owner pressed charges. The little punk is under aged and (probably) a first time offender, so got his wrist slapped and an ASBO (Google it--fascinating reading material). Bottom line--he's not doing time despite being caught in the act. And he knows who turned him in, so he and his mates have been terrorizing the shop owner. They've had their windows smashed in (house AND car) and apparently there was a big street brawl last week which involved knives and baseball bats and broken bottles.

I still don't know the details of what happened last night, but it involved the feud going on across the street. There was an ambulance parked outside our house for the better part of an hour. Is it sad that my biggest concern was for the well-being of my car? All I could think was, "please don't let my car windows be smashed in." Anyway, I'm hoping to get details from Lewis, our friendly neighborhood PCSO, this evening.

See what I mean? BIG drama.

Dylan is at the Mundays' house today--thank you Emma! I am still under the weather. The cold is nearly gone, but in typical Jamie style the asthma has flared up and I am struggling to breathe. It's not a terrible attack. Just one that leaves me breathless and a little bit miserable. I was so glad she offered to take him, since I had my pre-assessment with the anesthetist at the hospital today and didn't fancy dragging Dylan around with me for that.

The appointment went well. We discussed my options as far as pain relief during labor. The anesthetist assured me that having an epidural would still be ok for me--wouldn't hinder my chances of a successful VBAC at all. In fact, he actually recommended an epidural as it would make it easier if I had to be rushed to theater for another emergency c-section. Big relief for me, as I was worried that I would have to do it all natural and the prospect of a 9+ lb. baby with nopain relief was a little bit daunting. He was also much better than the midwives, who push for gas + air or morphine. He and I discussed how I didn't want gas and air because it makes me violently ill and I didn't want morphine because it crosses the placenta and the baby gets dosed as well. He actually agreed that if you are going for drugs, and epidural is the best option. Maybe he gets paid per procedure, but I don't think so. I think he is just smarter than stupid Ann the midwife (still can't stand that woman). Of course, if my scar tissue tears I will have to go under a general anasthetic for a section so they can do it faster. I've never been under a general before. Exciting, and weird to wake up from a drug induced sleep and have a baby. Hopefully that doesn't happen!

Martin is still doing handyman things at the Place. He's actually spent more time there in the past week than he did when he was working there full time--just at strange times. He fitted the deadbolt on the front door and also replaced a radiator that had been leaking for over a year. Now he's working on the closet in the kids' room. I feel so lazy, sitting here and watching him. I wish I felt good enough to help out, because there is a little bit of plastering that could be done if I felt up to anything more strenuous than sitting and typing or reading. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

I miss my baby! Can't wait to see him tonight when we go over to the Mundays' house. I needed this day to rest (and Emma you'll be pleased to hear that I have not done ANY housework at all), but I miss my little man when I don't see him for hours. He is such a joy to me, and a constant source of entertainment.


Manic Mundays said...

Oh Jamie you are so pathetic, lol, but you are in good company, I'm like that when the kids are away to!! He he :)

Adriane said...

I had a successful VBAC with Shaylee and then did it vag with ashlee too. The epidural is heavenly. When I had my cesarian with Kevin I was so doped up and was seeing double till the next day, I was barely aware wehn they took him out!