Friday, February 20, 2009

It's started now...

Not my labor, unfortunately. The pain is back!

I do feel grateful that it only just started this week. I was in agony for the last 8 weeks of my pregnancy with Dylan, and I have a miximum of 5 weeks to go with Newbie. My pelvis has started to seperate though, and sleeping is so painful! The pain I can deal with, but the sleeplessness that it causes is another story. I have always valued my sleep, and can handle just about anything as long as I am well rested. But for the last two nights I have only been able to catch about 5 hours as I am waking up every 90 minutes or so.

Mom has always told me that you forget the pain of labor and birth. I haven't forgotten that--it's as vivid as if it happened yesterday (of course, it was only 18 months ago so maybe it takes more time than that). What I HAD forgotten was how miserable pregnancy can be. My one hope is that this baby will be a little bit early, or even on time.

We had a visitor yesterday--a new friend from church named Noelle. She is a fellow North American, though she's from the east coast of Canada. She went to BYU though, so she sounds pretty Utah if you know what I mean. The Canadian slips out every once in a while, and she is much more British in her speech than I am. She's not married and has no kids, but she has fun hanging out with Dylan. We took him to the park and she stayed for dinner. It's nice to hang out with girl friends, and also nice to talk to grown ups during the day.

I have been absolutely foul to Martin this week, and I feel so bad about it. I am having raging pregnancy mood swings and the pain and lack of sleep are not helping. He is so great, and all I can do is snap at him. Last night he worked on the nursery and got it all ready to paint. Plus I had a craving for rocky road icecream (hard to get here) so he went to Tesco and bought chocolate icecream and marshmallows and MADE me rocky road icecream. You'd think I could at least be nice to him after that, but NO! I've never been nasty to him whilst pregnant before. Poor guy!

We will be doing the undercoat in the nursery tonight. I'm pretty excited about that. Maybe if I do some painting it will make me tired enough to sleep a little bit more. Once the nursery is painted and the carpet is down, we just have the stairwells to re-do and a coat of paint to throw up in a few rooms and the house is ready to put on the market. Then we can sell it and move home. Hooray!

Oh, and GOOD news in the UK housing market. House prices increased by 1.9% in January--it's the first time they haven't fallen in 10 months. If this trend continues, maybe we will be able to make a decent profit on our house. The more we can make on our house sale, the better off we'll be when we come back to Utah!

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