Wednesday, February 04, 2009


Dylan is getting pretty good at sharing stuff. He likes to share his food with other people, and he will occasionally offer his toys to other kids. Today his sharing is less adorable!

We both have pretty bad colds at the minute, and runny noses abound in our house. Dylan has started taking his, um, nasal excretions and wiping them under my nose. Kind of disgusting, even though he thinks he's being a good boy by sharing.

I know I've said it before, but there really is nothing harder than taking care of a sick baby while you are sick. Boy would I love a day off from being a mom right now. I would also love to NOT be pregnant or breastfeeding so I could take any medication I wanted to get feeling better. I have been either pregnant or feeding a baby for over two years now and I really miss my asthma drugs and Aleve.

I am so done with having kids after this one!


Manic Mundays said...

Ha ha Dylan good boy for sharing! If it makes you feel any better Jamie, Esaias announced to me in the car yesterday that he would like bogies for lunch!!!! What am I supposed to say to that??
Lewis is off tomorrow if you want us to have Dylan for the day? Will call you in the morning.
Take care

Celeste said...

What a sweet boy! Hope you both get feeling better quickly!

georgia said...

oh dear being sick and preggers at the same time is the worst--- i feel bad for you Im sorry

Velecia said...

Nasal Slime OOOOOOOOH Yuck. Is'nt Mother Hood precious?