Thursday, February 12, 2009

Let it snow...

It's really snowing here. I don't mean the usual dusting of snow that barely covers the ground. I mean about 4 inches in the last 3 hours, and still going! It's a pretty good storm, even by Utah standards, and it's incredibly beautiful.

Today has been a bit of an emotional roller coaster for me. I had my hospital appointment and scan this morning, and everything is good there. The baby is growing beautifully according to the charts and is, in the words of the consultant, "bigger than average, but not bigger than normal." We tried to get a picture of Newbie's face, but he/she wasn't playing ball. My glucose tolerance test came back normal. I don't have gestational diabetes, I just have big babies. That was good news.

It all started going downhill when Dylan and I got home and he refused to take a nap. Instead, he cried for an hour. He was lovely when I got him out of his crib for snuggles, and we did have a really nice cuddle, but I have come to rely on that afternoon nap to get me through the day. So when Martin got home I was already worn out and stressed. Then, as we were about to leave the house to meet Gran and Grandad Gilbert, they called to postpone. They didn't want to make the drive in the snow. I guess I don't really blame them, but I have been looking forward to picking out carpet for a week now and was already emotional because of the lack of sleep.

Martin, being the amazing hubby that he is, made some last minute plans to get us out of the house for the afternoon. So we went to his parents' house for a while (and Dylan finally took a nap) to watch some TV shows that they recorded over Christmas for us. Then we picked up a Chinese takeaway and ate with the Mundays - Lewis (he was at work). Now Dylan is sleeping, and we are doing well. I've cheered up, and I'm going to be plastering the last of the kids' room tonight. Good times.

I've got some good videos to post on here if I can get it figured out. Plus some 35 week belly pictures. It might be tonight, but maybe later this week. It all depends how long it takes me to plaster, so we'll see.

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