Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Baby drama...

Dylan has weird little spots on his chest and back. I wasn't overly concerned about them, but Martin was concerned. He had me take Dylan to see our GP today, and we were referred to the hospital. Dr. Wellings said they just needed to do a few blood tests to rule out meningitis or a platelet problem, but we were there for 5 hours. Count them--FIVE!

We weren't even seen until we'd been there for 2 hours. Not fun when you are 9+ months pregnant and uncomfortable/exhausted at the best of times. But Martin is insisting that I remind everyone--it was completely free. Other than the high cost of petrol to drive us to the hospital and the fact that you have to pay to park in their parking lot. Once again, Martin is interjecting, it beats a $6000 bill.

To make a long story short, once again we have been told that there is nothing wrong with Dylan. At least not with the spots. They think it is most likely a viral infection of some kind that makes his small blood vessels weak and they burst easily. However, one of the doctors thinks she heard a slight murmur when she was listening to his heart. She thinks it's benign but has referred us to a specialist clinic just in case. She is also sending a recommendation to our GP that he refer us to a dermatologist for the skin problem.

So our afternoon and evening didn't go exactly as planned. But Dylan had a great time at thehospital because they had a fully loaded play room with lots of trucks, crayons, and a play kitchen. We were there for so long that we had to make an emergency run to Tesco to buy extra diapers, milk and pajamas. But he was good as gold, even when they drew blood. He even went to sleep in a regular bed instead of a crib.

We have an awesome son!

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